Under Microsoft Windows, there is a so-called BaseCSP in order to integrate hardware tokens. The interface for integrating a card module is described. There is such a card module for NetKey/ IDKey and it is available for Windows 7 onwards from Windowsupdate.com.

This means that as soon as a NetKey/ IDKey is detected, the TCOS module is automatically loaded as required. After installing the card module, NetKey/ IDKey is treated as a PKCS#12 container. The user can present the public key from NetKey/ IDKey in order to request a certificate.

The cryptographic middleware in Windows negotiates everything else with the TCOS chip. The usual password for using the secret key from a PKCS#12 container is replaced by requesting the NetKey/ IDKey PIN. A PKCS#11 library which can be installed as part of a software setup is available for other operating systems such as Linux.

For embedded systems, NetKey/ IDKey can be integrated using specially developed drivers. The smartcard operating system is fully documented and provides an ISO 7816-4 compliant interface.

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