Many secure connections in our networked world are only possible through the use of certificates. Modern browsers, operating systems and devices use this technology in the background and without insider knowledge by the user. These certificates are governed by an "expiration date" and must be updated from time to time. Usually this is done via firmware or device updates by the device manufacturers. Unfortunately, at some point older devices will not be updated and exactly here is where the existing problem occurs: Certificates will soon reach this "expiration date" and must be replaced by newer ones.

If possible, you should install an updated version of the operating system. If you have the possibility to install an up-to-date version on your end device, we expressly recommend it. The newer the version, the better the support and security of the device. You can check the availability of a new system version in the "Settings" section on your cellular phone. Unfortunately, the access is different for each manufacturer and system version.

In the case that the automated update option is no longer available, you will only be able to update the certificates manually. In this case, please thoroughly read the device description or the description of the relevant application (mail account, order portal, etc.).

If you need up-to-date certificates, you can download the two most essential certificates on the download page.
T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2
T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 3

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