Fraunhofer Service CA

Fraunhofer Service CA
Common Name Fraunhofer Service CA
Organizational Unit Fraunhofer Corporate PKI
Organization Fraunhofer
Country DE
valid from 28.04.2008 09:03:06 GMT
valid to
30.06.2019 23:59:59 GMT
Serialnumber 61 1d d8 61 00 00 00 00 00 04
Issuer C=DE, O=Fraunhofer, OU=Fraunhofer Corporate PKI, CN=Fraunhofer Root CA
Fingerprint (SHA1)       52 d5 76 c2 a1 53 94 da bb 72 ee df a3 80 e7 7c 89 b1 37 c7

No issuing of certificates after the 01.10.2012. The revocation service is still valid for all certificates.


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