TeleSec ServerPass Standard
TeleSec ServerPass Standard is the SSL / TLSTransport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are cryptographic protocols that provide communication security over the Internet. server certificate (digitaler ID) for your website. It is generated in the secure environment of the T-Systems Trust Center and supports security mechanisms for strong encryption up to 256 bits, which are dominated by all modern web applications (such as webservers or web browsers) and provide for an authentic and secure Internet communication.
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TeleSec ServerPass SAN/UCC
Recommended for Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Office Communication Server 2007.
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TeleSec ServerPass Standard (Wildcard)
Extends SSL/TLS-certificates with a Wildcard functionality using „*.“ left at the Common Name to secure multiple websites with one certificate.
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TeleSec ServerPass EV (Extended Validation)
Extended validation ssl certificates are X.509 SSL / TLS server certificates issued under the specific set of identity verification criteria, so called EV guidelines, of the CA/Browser Forum. These criteria require the verification of the requested entity’s identity.
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TeleSec ServerPass EV SAN (Extended Validation / Subject Alternative Names)
An SSL / TLS-certificate for a variety of FQDN.It's an organization validation certificate, that means that organzational data ist validated. Ideal for websites in the business environment to provide secure and authentic communication for customers and business partners. With a single, high-quality EV SAN-certificate, you can secure a variety of different hosts and web applications. These entries must be general public domain and subdomain names.
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