The SSL/TLS web server certificate
TeleSec ServerPass Standard is the SSL / TLSTransport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are cryptographic protocols that provide communication security over the Internet. server certificate (digital ID) for your website. It is generated in the secure environment of the T-Systems Trust Center and supports security mechanisms for secure encryption of up to 256 bits, which are handled by all modern web applications (e.g., web server, web browser), and ensure authentic and secure Internet communication in the background.

Protect your website, web portal and company access with the SSL/TLS certificate and offer your customers and business partners secure and authentic electronic communication.

Benefits of the SSL/TLS certificates

  • Protection of sensitive data through encrypted data transfer
  • Increase in online revenues
  • Prevention of aborted sales online

In order to ensure that consistently authentic and secure electronic online communication is possible, the technical contact will be notified of the option to renew the SSL certificate before it expires.

The services at a glance

Server name
  • 1 public domain (e.g. or
  • 1 sub-domain (e.g. or
  • 1 multi-level sub-domain (e.g.
  • 1 public IP address (e.g.
Additional public domains Not available
Additional public IP addresses Not available
ExtendedKeyUsage serverauthentication and clientauthentication is set not critically
Server licensing Unlimited for maximum flexibility
Security Supports up to 256-bit encryption
Compatibility All modern web applications (e.g., browser),
which support the SSL/TLS certificates
Future-proofing Key lengths under 2048 bits will not be accepted
Confidentiality status Is classified as trustworthy by almost all current web browsers through the internationally-established root certificates (trust anchors).

Note: The public domain must be registered in your name.


Standard 1 year   EUR 150,00 (excl. VAT) EUR 178,50 (incl. VAT)
Standard 2 years (you save 10%)   EUR 270,00 (excl. VAT) EUR 321,30 (incl. VAT)
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