When issuing OV (Organization Validation) and EV (Extended Validation) server certificates, the domain control / domain ownership of the client must also be checked. Thereby, T-Systems follows the guidelines set by the CA/B Forum (CA Browser Forum) in the form of the Baseline Requirements.

Detailed information can be found in the current version of the document "Baseline Requirements" of the CA/B Forum (cabforum.org).

Due to the EU-DSGVO (EU Data Protection Regulation), which came into effect on 25.05.2018 as well as changes in the Baseline Requirements, alternative procedures must be used because some test options are no longer available or are of limited disposal.

These changes, which affect domain ownership / domain control, now require your input in any case. You can currently select from the following options:

After the online order, you will receive an e-mail with further information.

If a reissue does not use a new key, domain revalidation is not required.

When ordering certificates with sublevel names (e.g. c.example.de), it is sufficient, if the domain example.de is validated.  Conversely, the validation of (e.g. c.example.de) is not sufficient for the domain example.de.

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