TeleSec ServerPass CA 1

TeleSec ServerPass CA 1 (SHA1)
Common Name TeleSec ServerPass CA 1
Organizational Unit Trust Center Deutsche Telekom
Organization T-Systems International GmbH
Country DE
gültig von Nov 30 17:24:37 2010 GMT
gültig bis Nov 30 17:23:46 2017 GMT
Seriennummer 07 27 42 c2
Signaturhashalgorithmus sha1
Issuer C=IE, O=Baltimore, OU=CyberTrust, CN=Baltimore CyberTrust Root
Fingerprint (SHA1) f7 f9 85 cf 37 29 10 1c 8d 8a 9a 03 f2 b9 24 07 37 a0 8d f3

Certificates issued from 16.12.2010

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