Here are some innovative uses for electronic qualified signatures.

Legal and administrative inboxes
E-justice systems should speed up communication between courts and other parties (lawyers, notaries and collection agencies) involved in legal proceedings. For example, data could be transmitted to the register court in this way. In order for the simplified access to courts and authorities to be kept legally secure, communication is safeguarded via our qualified signature.
Use of the qualified electronic signature provides the following benefits: Electronic exchange of documents and therefore easy further processing, protected communication, faster mailing route 24/7 and the associated cost benefits to you.

You can find more information on the pages of the EGVP portal.

Electronic advice note for goods
Certain goods require corresponding supporting documents across the entire transport route, which must be signed by various units (creator, transporter, etc.) during transit. Qualified signatures can help save time and costs in these situations, in that the accompanying papers are mapped electronically and be provided with qualified signatures by those involved. Thus, mail transit times can be saved when it comes to obtaining special authorizations. In addition, paper archiving can be saved on and finding older documents can be simplified. Electronic waste consignment documents are specific variants of this.

Provision of proof of services provided
In the maintenance and testing areas, reports are created that are used as proof of the services provided. In the case of systems with regular maintenance, there is a particularly large number of paper documents which must be archived and handed over to the new owner when forwarded/sold. By using the qualified signature, provision of proof is significantly simplified and cost benefits are created.

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