FAQ Public Key Service

  • General questions
  • Order and price
  • Cards and certificates
    • Why is it required to check the e-mail address which you want to have in the certificate?
    • How do I get a certificate for EGVP?
    • My certificate can not be found in the public directory
    • The online check of my certificate is not successful. What could be the problem?
    • I would like to enter a pseudonym in the certificate instead of my name.
    • Why are certificates sent encrypted?
    • What does activation of the certificate mean (directory service)?
    • What types of attribute certificates does PKS offer?
    • Which card readers are compatible with PKS?
    • What is the technical format of the qualified certificates issued by T-TeleSec PKS?
    • How can I revoke my card?
    • What happens when my certificate expires?
    • Where can I find help for my software?
  • PIN and password
    • Why are there different PINs?
    • What is the NullPIN?
    • What is the PIN?
    • What is the function of my Telepasswort?
    • What can do if I enter my PIN incorrectly three times in a row?
    • How can I change my NullPIN?
  • PKS certificates in Windows
    • The certificate is shown as invalid as the CA or root certificate has expired.
    • Is it possible to sign e-mails with the qualified certificate?
    • Windows displays the notice “This certification authority is not authorized to issue certificates or the certificate cannot be used as an end unit certificate” for a TeleSec CA certificate.
    • Windows displays the notice “Invalid signature”.

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