The creation of high-quality cryptographic keys and their secure safekeeping are technological and organizational problems. As a proposed solution, T-Systems has created a chipcard operating system (TeleSec Chipcard Operating System, TCOS), which is capable of keeping keys safe and calculating the cryptographic algorithm within the chip. Keys that are securely input once must therefore never leave the chipcard.
The question over the origin of the relevant key remains. In answer, T-Systems developed a key generator, which can generate verifiably secure key material. Monitored by neutral evaluators, a system was created in which the generated key is incorporated in our TCOS chipcards via a secure channel and stored.
By assigning identifying characteristics to these cryptographic keys, digital identities are created. Due to the abovementioned working method, the Smart Card makes these digital identities one-offs, i.e., there are no copies of the keys.
On the basis of TCOS, there are different standard products available with or without key material, which of course, are in line with common ISO standards.
T-Systems also offers to develop and package Smart Cards in line with individual customer requirements and supports customers within projects, drawing upon its complete Smart Card expertise.
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