TeleSec NetKey 3.0
Smartcard with TCOS 3.0 and the applications SigG, NetKey, Zutritt [Access], Gleitzeit [Flexitime] and OneTimePass
These applications provide various algorithms and tools for identification, authentication and decryption.
The NetKey card has been developed as a strategic product. Upon delivery it includes the abovementioned applications and is coded with top quality key material in the T-Systems Trust Center.
Besides asymmetrical keys, suitable for advanced signature, authentication and encryption in the NetKey application, the SigG application is a secure signature creation entity in accordance with the requirements of the German Digital Signature Act. This application includes asymmetrical key material from a key generator confirmed in accordance with the German Digital Signature Act. This makes it possible to reload qualified certificates in a confirmed process. NetKey 3.0 is available as a single or multi-signature card.
After PIN entry, the multi-signature card can provide more than one signature and is thereby subject to special stipulations to the stipulations regarding the technical environment.


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