FAQ TCOS Smartcard

  • Secure network
    • For what deployment scenarios is NetKey/ IDKey suitable?
  • Security and quality of NetKey/ IDKey
    • How are the hardware and the PIN transferred?
    • How do I find the right certification service?
    • What can I do if the peer does not accept self-signed certificates?
    • Who can seal the assignment of a public key to identity attributes?
    • How is a NetKey/ IDKey personalized?
    • What check is made to ensure that a valid identity is used?
    • How do I actually obtain an identity?
  • Quality of key
    • Who knows my secret key?
    • Where is the secret key located after it is generated?
    • Where does the key material come from?
  • Integration and middleware
    • How do I install the software?
    • Windows 7 Starter: there is no reaction when a smartcard is inserted, the card also fails to appear in the Devices and Printers area.
    • Which middleware for what purpose?
    • Which operating systems are supported?
    • How does NetKey/ IDKey integrate into the operating system?
  • Role-based identity management
    • Where do systems or applications get certificates from?
    • Does NetKey/ IDKey restrict the number of possible roles?
    • Can a NetKey/ IDKey be used to map various roles?
    • Can I use my NetKey/ IDKey on the move?
    • Where are attributes assigned to an identity?
  • Identity and pseudo-anonymity
    • How can an identity be disguised?

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