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Security with performance from the market leader

Whether digital certificates, public key infrastructure, identity & access management or secure elements, our solutions are based on the latest technologies and are constantly being developed. As a certified trust service provider, we offer our security services based on an ISO-certified security concept. Operation takes place in geo-redundant data centers with an additional integrated high-security environment. We are only appointing trained and security-checked staff.

Deutsche Telekom operates the first Trust Center in Germany (since 1994, now operated by Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH). Millions of certificates have been produced and are in daily use by our customers. As a certification authority and trust anchor for electronic data exchange, we are your partner for secure and modern IT-supported business processes.

Overview of our managed services

Certificate & Signing Services

Digital certificates are an important part of modern business processes and IT infrastructures. They ensure data security, evidential value and confidentiality in digitized processes and electronic communications. The Telekom Trust Center is an accredited trust service provider and thus fulfills the high security requirements of the European eIDAS regulation.


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Server certificates (TLS/SSL)

The digital ID for your web application!

TLS/SSL web server certificates for secure communication on the web. Classified as safe in all browsers.


Signature certificates (QES)

Digital signature - sign electronically!

Qualified electronic signature and remote signature according to eIDAS, as a replacement for the handwritten signature.

PKI & Key-Management

Public key infrastructures (PKI) are an indispensable part of modern IT architectures. They create security and new opportunities for your business. On the basis of our more than 20 years of practical experience, we provide cross-sector and modern products for different areas of application. Whether individually tailored or highly standardized and automated, we will find a suitable solution.

Security as well as performance of Trust Center is attested by independent certifications through recurring audits..

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Managed Business ID

Digital key management for your IT!

The Cloud Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for flexible and fast integration into your company.

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Managed IoT ID

The digital identity for your “things”!

Highly automated issuing and management of certificates for “things” on the Internet.

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Managed Smart Metering ID

Your "key" to smart metering!

The certified (BSI TR-3109) complete solution for the automated issuance of certificates. Make it easy!

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Managed Enterprise ID

Maximum flexibility for your digital certificates and tokens!

The PKI Toolbox for your individual requirements. Design, implementation and operation from a single source.

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Managed Key Sevice

Orchestrate your keys to the cloud!

Creation and management of cryptographic keys to secure your data in the cloud.

Identity & Access Management

Poor authentication is one of the biggest security problems in IT today. Protect access to your data and applications. Only allow authenticated and authorized communication partners. All of this from a "zero trust model" to a federated approach.

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Managed Authentication Service

Secure access to your data and applications!

Our cloud authentication solution enables strong two-factor authentication (2FA) using a one-time password.

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Managed IAM

Zero Trust - The future starts here!

Ensure security beyond the corporate network and protect your data with every access, from any device and from any location.

Secure Elements & Smartcards

If you want to keep a secret, you need a safe place.

The secure handling of cryprographic keys is one of the most elementary challenges of IT security. Whether generation, storage or application, it depends on the processes and the safe location. The Telekom Chipcard Operating System (TCOS) is our certified operating system for Secure Elements and Smartcard. TCOS meets the highest security standards and has been in use for more than 20 years. Profit by our experience for supporting your business.

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TCOS Smartcards

Pocket-sized security!

Standard products in various form factors with TCOS operating system and preinstalled key material.

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TCOS Passport

TCOS Identity Solutions

Secure identities for official documents!

Identity solutions for electronic passports and national ID cards based on TCOS.

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TCOS Lösungen

Secure Element Solutions

Ready for the future with (hardware) security!

Individual products and services for e.g. eHealth, Transportation, IoT and Industry 4.0.

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TCOS Services

Secure Element Services

Lifecycle management & Co. for secure elements!

All-round services for easy use of hardware security.

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Trusted IT Operations & Services

Benefit from our competence and infrastructure to increase your efficiency and security.

The Deutsche Telekom Trust Center meets the highest national and international security standards. We offer you the space for your safety-critical applications.

Our Trust Center is operated in geo-redundant data centers with additional integrated high-security cells. Our infrastructure meets the latest standards and is high-performing. Thanks to our unique and modular security framework concept, we are able to integrate your security-critical application in a simple and structured manner.


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Trust Center Housing

The space for more security and performance!

The existing high security infrastructure for your critical applications.

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Trust Center Hosting

Competence and infrastructure!

Maximum security with performance and experience. The trust center as the basis for your business.

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Managed Applications

Your applications in good hands!

Competence in all areas. Operation, process, reporting, audit and organization.

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Professional Services

Competent support right from the start!

From the professional initial consultation to the finished solution. We are at your side.

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