TeleSec ServerPass is used to identify Internet web servers. Your benefits as a company: You offer safety and security for your server and therefore create trust among your customers and suppliers. TeleSec ServerPass supports the SSL / TLSTransport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are cryptographic protocols that provide communication security over the Internet. security standard, so that the data transfer between you and your business partners is also encrypted.

Your benefits.
SSL certificate for webshop operators: Give your server an identity and make use of the security of the T-Systems Trust Center in the process. Identify yourself clearly and verifiably to your customers, thereby ensuring additional competitive advantages.

SSL certificate for company networks: Nowadays, company data is capital for all companies. Protect your data from manipulation and theft.

SSL certificate for company presence on the Internet: Illustrate to your visitors by means of a certificate that security is important to you. Your web server will be verifiably authentic, so only you will receive data intended for you.

ServerPass product overview

How to get your SSL/TLS certificate:
After quickly registering, you can order your certificate in the customer portal. After the online order, send us the printed and signed paper order with any additional documents required (e.g., authorization of the domain owner). Immediately after a successful order check and certificate approval, you will be informed by e-mail that your certificate is available for download from the customer portal.

Please read our GT&C carefully before placing the order, as you accept them when you sign the order.

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